January, 2000

Dear Neighbor,

Happy New Year, Decade, Century and Millennium!! Y2K was a bit anti-climatic, almost disappointing! They should have called it 'Why 2K'!! It's going to take awhile to drink all that bottled water you saved up 'just in case'! If you're a Buyer, you're probably wishing real estate prices would go back to '00' or '1900' levels.

1999 was a busy and rewarding year. I was one of the co-founders of the Cambridge Housing Assistance Fund (CHAF) which now helps homeless families with the initial costs of renting an apartment. 'Celebrating Duke Ellington', our first annual benefit concert, raised $95,000 for CHAF.

Through grants and loans, this will help over 100 families and individuals secure permanent rental housing. Please let me know if you're interested in volunteering or contributing to this year's benefit concert in the fall. We especially need contacts to local businesses, which would like to sponsor the concert or advertise in our program guide. For more info, see: www.chafund.org.

1999 was yet another banner year in the Cambridge Real Estate market. Even though interest rates rose, prices continued to go up and expectations are that prices will go up again this spring.

DeWolfe will expand it's commitment to the Internet this year, offering 'streaming video virtual home tours for every home listed on its web site at www.dewolfenewengland.com. DeWolfe is committed to offering cutting edge technology services to our clients and customers.

If you are considering buying or selling, this is an excellent time to start planning as the so called ‘spring’ market actually starts at the end of January! I am always available if you would like an update on the value of your home, or if you would like a consultation on your real estate needs. As you probably know, we offer Buyer and Seller representation at DeWolfe, so that if you are buying and selling, I can represent your best interests in both transactions.

Most of my business is from personal referrals by satisfied clients, With fifteen years experience as a designer/builder/woodworker and fourteen years as a successful Realtor I have twenty-nine years experience in the Cambridge housing market. If you have a friend about to enter the challenging maze of the Cambridge real estate market I would be glad to be their guide. Or, if someone you know is relocating to or from Cambridge, I can recommend a good agent for him or her to work with in other towns or states.

I always enjoy hearing from friends and clients whether to simply ‘catch up’, or if they have a real estate need, or simply need advice on what renovations will add value to their home.

I look forward to hearing from you,

David Pap

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